Bali Massage

Relaxation ASMR

Jessica Cross

This was my first ASMR CD. Receive over 50 minutes of Balinese Massage to Relax and Sleep.

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Whisper Spa Day

Jessica Cross

This ASMR CD takes you away to a virtual spa any time.  Speaking in a whisper to help you relax I will introduce you to the spa, give you a hair cut, nail treatment, face massage, make-over and then bid you a warm farewell to sleep...

I suffer with insomnia, and although it is infuriating when I do, I rarely suffer for more than one night.  I follow the tips below to prevent chronic insomnia.  The problem is that we forget about some of these common sense tips because, most of the time they don’t prevent us from sleeping.  It is easy to say, “Oh, a coffee at 8:00 PM never bothers me,” because maybe 95% of the time it doesn’t, but when you are fighting with insomnia do you want to chance it?  Try these tips and stop your insomnia now.

  • No regular coffee, black tea, or caffeinated sodas after 1:00 PM.  If this sounds impossible or if you are a late riser, stop your caffeine intake as early as you can without getting a splitting headache.  Remember decaf coffee has some caffeine too, as does chocolate so cut those off 4-5 hours before bed. 

  • Do nothing but read, have sex and sleep in your bedroom. Keep your bedroom a sanctuary.   Computers and television are one of the main culprits of insomnia.  They make us feel like we are resting so it is easy to stay up past when you would naturally be able to fall asleep.  

  • On the topic of sex, it can have a sedative affect for some people, but energizes others.  You may have to discuss sex in the evenings with your partner if it is affecting your sleep. Now, I am not saying you can demand sex if it helps you to sleep, but you could make dinner and ask nicely…that goes for either gender.

  • Stop looking at a screen at least an hour before you want to sleep.  This goes for E-readers as well, unless they emit very little light.  Climb in bed and read a book or magazine.  If you can’t get into it, because it is too boring or you are too sleepy, GOOD!  Go To Sleep!   Every once in a while it won’t hurt to go to sleep too early.

  • Use a noise machine with white noise or nature sounds.  I really like rain noise and use a Relaxation Machine by Homedics, I find they have really well made products that last.  

  • Use sleep headphones, that are soft and wrap around you like a headband, or you can also wear them like a sleep mask. You can download ASMR or Guided Meditation Mp3’s and listen until you fall asleep.  Obviously, I would recommend Mine, but if my voice doesn’t work for you there are many other Mp3’s available on ITunes.  If you must listen through a computer, tablet or phone, turn the screen away so the light doesn’t keep you awake.   

  • If you are awake for more than 20 minutes get up and read until you feel sleepy.  If your thoughts are racing write down your ideas or worries to help clear them from your mind.

I hope these help you to fight insomnia and not just sleep but sleep well. 

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ASMR Club for Relaxation

Jessica Cross

Visit the Relaxing ASMR world of the Baron starring YOU!  Start with the Relaxation Club of Ms. Rose where you will receive Face Paint, a Sketch of your face and a Face Massage.

Autonomous Sensory Meridian Response:

Many people experience a tingling sensation on the back of their head in response to a whisper, soft spoken voice, personal attention (even through a video or audio recording) or certain relaxing sounds (triggers). This sensation (tingles) can make you feel happy and, relaxed, and helps many people to sleep.   ASMR is a popular relaxation technique for anxiety.  Don't worry if you don't experience ASMR as you can still receive relaxation even without a tingle sensation.  For the best ASMR experience use headphones.

ASMR Movie Star

Jessica Cross

You are the Movie Star in these ASMR Role Plays. As your Personal Assistant I will take care of you and help you to relax, in luxury of course.

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ASMR Relaxation


Jessica Cross

On the third CD receive a Relaxation Cleansing where you find out more about the Baron and visit the Smoke House, receive a Massage, Reiki Chakra Healing with a twist, and a Brain Scan.  

Whisper Rituals ASMR

Jessica Cross

This Album will introduce you to Guided Meditation through an ASMR Ritual.  Using a whisper I will lead you to visit with your Spirit Guide, Reduce Pain and Build Muscle. Try the other Meditation Albums if you enjoy this.  

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ASMR Relaxation Clinic

Jessica Cross

The second CD takes you to the Relaxation Clinic where you will receive personal attention through an Eye Exam, Ear Exam and a Scalp Check. Relax as the story unfolds.

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ASMR Energy Healing

Spa Day

Jessica Cross

Visit the ASMR Virtual Spa again but this time for some Energy Healing. Using a Soft-Spoken voice I will Role Play an Energy Brushing to remove negative energy, an Energy Shower to wash them away, a Reiki Healing and closing with a Gemstone Treatment.  All to help you relax and sleep.