Gratitude Journal

by Jessica Cross

Take time every month for gratitude and compassion. Feel like you know the direction you are headed and feel secure you are on the right path. Use journal prompts to decide what direction to go in each month and week for the next 12 months.

Use journal prompts growth to decide what direction to go in each month and week Follow the cycles and seasons of the year to guide your transformation. 

A Year and a Day Journal:

A Clear Vision

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by Jessica Cross

This perspective changing tool allows you to plan where you want to go instead of letting life happen to you.

Take 366 days to alter the way you view the world. Consider the thoughts and beliefs that hold you back and open up to the other options available.

Book of Shadows:

Journal to Find what is Hidden

By Jessica Cross

Shadow work is looking at the parts of yourself you try to ignore. Shadow work explores the areas you suppress or find embarrassing. Set aside time to look at the issues that are keeping you stuck.

Business Shadow Work Journal

By Jessica Cross

This journal is to help you look at what you want from your career. You will explore what will make you happy in your work life and what self-made barriers may be holding you back. This book should help you discover what areas of your work-life bring you joy and what you need to avoid. 

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