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Aromatherapy Massage

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Swedish Massage

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Sleep Induction Massage

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Yin Yang Massage

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Specialty Massages

Coconut Rain Dance Massage

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Honey Deluxe Massage

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Four Tea Massage

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Balinese Massage

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Zen Garden Facial

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Specialty Facials

Magic Facial /Manicure

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Runes Facial

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Salon Services

Hair Cut with Massage

Spa Hair Style

Spa Manicure 

Mercury Retrograde Manicure

TV Make-up Application

Magical Makeover

Specialty Salon Services

Face Paint

Face Sketch

Face Paint Removal

Reiki Healing

Reiki Massage

Reiki Healing with Tarot

Personalized Healing Meditation

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​Gemstone Therapy

Shamanic Healing

Twin Flame Journey

Spirit Guide Journey

Pain Relief Journey

Muscle Building Journey

Guided Meditations

Shamanic Meditation 

Intuitive Sleep Meditation

Renewal Meditation

Intensive Journeys

3-Day Love Building Challenge

7-Day Passion Search Challenge

7-Day Shadow Work Challenge

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The Virtual Spa Menu below includes video and audio recordings to treat insomnia and stress.  Take some time to relax and release the stress that has built up over the day or week. Have a wonderful Virtual Spa Day! Make sure to check out my upcoming Online Workshop - Zenvigorate!

Virtual  ASMR Spa